SmallRye Fault Tolerance Documentation

SmallRye Fault Tolerance 6.2.2 is an implementation of Eclipse MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 4.0.2 with additional features not defined by the specification.

It provides a declarative, annotation-based API for guarding method calls:

public class MyService {
    @Retry (1)
    public String hello() {
1 If hello() throws an exception, the invocation will be retried several times, until the method returns a value.

It also provides a programmatic API to build reusable guards:

public class MyService {
    private static final FaultTolerance<String> guard = FaultTolerance.<String>create()
        .withFallback().handler(() -> "fallback").done() (1)

    public String hello() throws Exception {
        return -> externalService.hello()); (2)
1 If the guarded call throws an exception, the fallback value will be returned instead.
2 The guarded call simply invokes some external service.
The fault tolerance strategies provided by SmallRye Fault Tolerance are best suited for guarding network interactions. To handle ordinary exceptions, it is typically best to use the plain old try / catch / finally blocks. Using SmallRye Fault Tolerance as a replacement of exception handling is often a bad idea.
Some additional features may have experimental status, marked by the @Experimental annotation. The programmatic API to build reusable guards, as mentioned above, is one example, but there are more.


Runtimes that currently use SmallRye Fault Tolerance include:


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