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Property Expressions#

SmallRye Config provides property expressions expansion on configuration values. An expression string is a mix of plain strings and expression segments, which are wrapped by the sequence ${ … }.

For instance, the following configuration properties file:

The resolved value of the callable.url property is

Additionally, the Expression Expansion engine supports the following segments:

  • ${expression:value} - Provides a default value after the : if the expansion doesn’t find a value.
  • ${my.prop${compose}} - Composed expressions. Inner expressions are resolved first.
  • ${my.prop}${my.prop} - Multiple expressions.

If an expression cannot be expanded and no default is supplied a NoSuchElementException is thrown.

Expression expansion may be selectively disabled with io.smallrye.config.Expressions:

Config config = ConfigProvider.getConfig();

String url = Expressions.withoutExpansion(() -> 
    config.getValue("callable.url", String.class));