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Additionally, to the default config locations specified by the MicroProfile Config specification, SmallRye Config provides a way to scan additional locations for configuration properties files.

The smallrye.config.locations configuration property accepts multiple locations separated by a comma , and each ust represent a valid URI. The supported URI schemes are:

  • file or directory (file:)
  • classpath resource
  • jar resource (jar:)
  • http resource (http:)

Each URI scheme loads all discovered resources in a ConfigSource. All loaded sources use the same ordinal of the source that found the smallrye.config.locations configuration property. For instance, if smallrye.config.locations is set as a system property, then all loaded sources have their ordinals set to 400 (system properties use 400 as their ordinal). The ordinal may be overridden directly in the resource by setting the config_ordinal property. Sources are sorted first by their ordinal, then by location order, and finally by loading order.

If a profile is active, and the URI represents a single resource (for instance a file), then resources that match the active profile are also loaded. The profile resource name must follow the pattern: {location}-{profile}. A profile resource is only loaded if the unprofiled resource is also available in the same location. This is to keep a consistent loading order and pair all the resources together.

Profile resources are not taken into account if the location is a directory since there is no reliable way to discover which file is the main resource. Properties that use the profile prefix syntax %profile. will work as expected.

All properties files from a directory

# loads all files from a relative path

# loads all files from an absolute path

For relative paths, the JVM user.dir property defines the current directory.

A specific file


If a profile dev is active, and an file exists, this will also be loaded.

All files from the classpath

If a profile prod is active, and an resources exists next to the resource, this will also be loaded.

The file from a specific jar


If a profile test is active, and an resource exists, this will also be loaded.

The file from a web server