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Configuration properties

These are properties understood directly by SmallRye GraphQL. If you're using SmallRye GraphQL through Quarkus, these will generally work, but Quarkus offers its own counterparts for most of these, and it is recommended to use the quarkus.* properties. Refer to the Quarkus documentation: Server and Client side Quarkus properties.

From MicroProfile GraphQL

Property Default value Meaning
mp.graphql.defaultErrorMessage Server Error Error message for hidden exceptions
mp.graphql.hideErrorMessage Runtime exceptions Exceptions that will be hidden
mp.graphql.showErrorMessage Checked exceptions Exceptions that will not be hidden.

From SmallRye GraphQL

Property Default value Meaning
smallrye.graphql.printDataFetcherException false Include the stacktrace of the data fetching exception in the log output
smallrye.graphql.allowGet false Allow HTTP GET Method
smallrye.graphql.metrics.enabled false Enable metrics
smallrye.graphql.tracing.enabled false Enable tracing
smallrye.graphql.validation.enabled false Enable Bean Validation true if one of metrics, tracing or bean validation is true Enable eventing
smallrye.graphql.logPayload false Log the payload in the log file
smallrye.graphql.fieldVisibility To control the field visibility on introspection
smallrye.graphql.schema.includeScalars true Include Scalar definitions in the schema
smallrye.graphql.schema.includeSchemaDefinition false Include Schema definition
smallrye.graphql.schema.includeDirectives false Include directives in the schema
smallrye.graphql.schema.includeIntrospectionTypes false Include Introspection types in the schema