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Client-side configuration properties

Note: if you are using Quarkus, it is recommended to use the quarkus.* property counterparts instead. See Quarkus Documentation for more info.

Property Default value Meaning
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/url none Denotes URL to connect to
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/header/KEY none Adds a HTTP header named KEY to all HTTP requests performed by the client
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/subprotocols graphql-ws,graphql-transport-ws Comma-separated list of websocket subprotocols supported by this client. We currently support graphql-ws and graphql-transport-ws. If multiple subprotocols are provided, choosing the actual subprotocol will be subject to negotiation with the server.
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/keystore none Path to client's keystore (for example file:/path/to/keystore or classpath:path/to/keystore)
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/keystoreType JKS Keystore type
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/keystorePassword none Keystore password
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/truststore none Path to client's truststore (for example file:/path/to/truststore or classpath:path/to/truststore)
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/truststoreType JKS Truststore type
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/truststorePassword none Truststore password
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/proxyHost none Hostname of the proxy to use
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/proxyPort none Port of the proxy to use
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/proxyUsername none Username for the proxy to use
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/proxyPassword none Password for the proxy to use
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/maxRedirects 16 Max number of redirects to follow. Set to 0 to disable redirects.
CLIENT_NAME/mp-graphql/subscriptiontigInitializationTimeout none Maximum time in milliseconds that will be allowed to wait for the server to acknowledge a subscription start.