Class RowSet<R>

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    public class RowSet<R>
    extends SqlResult<RowSet<R>>
    implements Iterable<R>
    The execution result of the row set of a query provided as , commonly used as a RowSet. Using a collector query might provide a different result.

    NOTE: This class has been automatically generated from the original non Mutiny-ified interface using Vert.x codegen.

    • Field Detail

      • __typeArg_0

        public final TypeArg<R> __typeArg_0
    • Constructor Detail

      • RowSet

        public RowSet​(io.vertx.sqlclient.RowSet delegate)
      • RowSet

        public RowSet​(io.vertx.sqlclient.RowSet delegate,
                      TypeArg<R> typeArg_0)