Class PropertyKind<T>

  • public class PropertyKind<T>
    extends Object
    The kind of the property, this can be used to fetch some specific property of the execution result.

    NOTE: This class has been automatically generated from the original non Mutiny-ified interface using Vert.x codegen.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PropertyKind

        public PropertyKind​(io.vertx.sqlclient.PropertyKind delegate)
      • PropertyKind

        public PropertyKind​(Object delegate,
                            TypeArg<T> typeArg_0)
      • PropertyKind

        public PropertyKind​(io.vertx.sqlclient.PropertyKind delegate,
                            TypeArg<T> typeArg_0)
    • Method Detail

      • getDelegate

        public io.vertx.sqlclient.PropertyKind getDelegate()
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • create

        public static <T> PropertyKind<T> create​(String name,
                                                 Class<T> type)
        name -
        type -
        a property kind matching the provided name, the type can be used to check the property value type or cast it to the expected type
      • name

        public String name()
        the property name
      • newInstance

        public static <T> PropertyKind<T> newInstance​(io.vertx.sqlclient.PropertyKind arg)
      • newInstance

        public static <T> PropertyKind<T> newInstance​(io.vertx.sqlclient.PropertyKind arg,
                                                      TypeArg<T> __typeArg_T)