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Eureka Service Discovery

Eureka is a RESTful service that is primarily used in the AWS cloud for the purpose of discovery, load balancing, and failover of middle-tier servers.

This page explains how Stork can use Eureka to handle the service discovery.


First, you need to add the Stork Consul Service Discovery provider:



For each application instance expected to be registered in Eureka, configure the lookup:

Stork looks for the service with the given name (my-service in the previous example).

Supported attributes are the following:

Attribute Mandatory Default Value Description
eureka-host Yes The Eureka server host
eureka-port No 8761 The Eureka server port
eureka-trust-all No false Enable/Disable the TLS certificate verification
eureka-ssl No false Use TLS to connect to the Eureka server
application No the service name The Eureka application Id
instance No The Eureka application instance Id
secure No false Whether it should select the secure virtual address

The application attribute is optional. It uses the Stork service name (my-service in the previous configuration) if not set.

The instance attribute allows selecting a specific instance. Using this attribute prevents load-balancing as you will always select a single instance.

The secure attribute indicates if you want the secure virtual address of the application instance. If set to true, unsecured instances are filtered out from the available instances.