How to use paginated API?

Learn how to consume APIs using pagination.

There are many REST / HTTP APIs using pagination, i.e. return only a subset of the results and you need to request the next page to get the next batch. Each batch contains a list of item(s). To use this kind of API and generate a continuous stream of items, you need to use the Multi.createBy().repeating() function. However, we need to pass a cursor / state to advance and avoid requesting again and again the same page. Fortunately, repeating provides methods to pass a shared state. So by combining these methods and disjoint you can generate streams from these pages:

PaginatedApi api = new PaginatedApi();

Multi<String> stream = Multi.createBy().repeating()
                () -> new AtomicInteger(),
                state -> api.getPage(state.getAndIncrement()))
        .until(list -> list.isEmpty())

First, you create a Multi containing the items emitted by the CompletionStage supplier and pass a state supplier to progress among the pages.

Then, use until to call the paginated API until we have all the items. At the point we have a stream of list of item such as ["a", "b", "c"], ["d", "e"], []. However, we want the following stream: "a", "b", "c", "d", "e". The disjoint method does exactly this. It gets the items from the lists and passes them downstream:


Multi.createBy().repeating() lets you choose the number of iterations using:

  • atMost - exact number of repetitions (or failure happens before reaching that number)

  • until - the repetition is stopped if the item emitted by the Uni passes a test (predicate). It does not propagate the item that did pass the check, and it stops the repetition. The check verifies if the current item does not contain valid data.

  • whilst - the repetition is stopped if the item emitted by the Uni does not pass a test (predicate). It does propagate the item downstream even if the check does not pass. However, it stops the repetition. The test verifies if there is a next batch to be retrieved.

The following code illustrates the usage of whilst:

PaginatedApi api = new PaginatedApi();

Multi<Page> stream = Multi.createBy().repeating()
                () -> new AtomicInteger(),
                state -> api.retrieve(state.getAndIncrement()))
        .whilst(page -> page.hasNext());