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Map Support#

SmallRye Config allows injecting multiple configuration parameters as a Map. The configuration value syntax is represented by <key1>=<value1>;<key2>=<value2> Consider:


The previous configuration could be injected directly in a CDI Bean:

With @ConfigProperty

public class ConfigBean {
    @ConfigProperty(name = "server.reasons", defaultValue = "200=OK;201=Created") 
    Map<Integer, String> reasons;

With @ConfigProperties

@ConfigProperties(prefix = "server") 
public class Config {
    Map<Integer, String> reasons; 


Only the direct sub properties will be converted into a Map and injected into the target bean, the rest will be ignored. In other words, in the previous example, a property whose name is reasons.200.a would be ignored as not considered as a direct sub property.


The property will be considered as missing if no direct sub properties could be found.

It is also possible to retrieve the Map programmatically by calling the methods SmallRyeConfig#getValues("server.reasons", Integer.class, String.class) or SmallRyeConfig#getOptionalValues("server.reasons", Integer.class, String.class).