Jandex 3.1.2

Today, we announce the release of Jandex 3.1.2. It includes a significant internal refactoring of method parameter names and synthetic parameters handling, as well as one small API improvement.

JDK 18 and JDK 21 made some changes in javac that required refactoring of how synthetic/mandated parameters and parameters names are handled:

With this release, method parameter handling is more robust. Thanks Christian Beikov for the bug report and reproducer!

The MethodInfo class now exposes the isDefault() and isBridge() methods:

  • isDefault() returns whether the method is a default method declared on an interface

  • isBridge() returns whether the method is a synthetic bridge method

Thanks Martin Kouba for the pull request!

If you experience any troubles, or if you have any ideas for Jandex improvements, please file an issue.