Jandex 3.0.2

Today, we announce the release of Jandex 3.0.2. It includes a small bug fix, together with a tiny API improvement, and also some infrastructure work.

A method was added to determine if a method is in fact a constructor: MethodInfo.isConstructor().

A bug in parsing type annotations on constructors of inner classes was fixed. Thanks Falko Modler for the report!

Finally, the build process was refactored to avoid downloading a second JDK when the build JDK is >= 17. This should significantly improve the workflow for downstream, air-gapped rebuilds of Jandex. Also, some community standards were adopted: code of conduct, contributing and security documents are now present in the repository. Thanks Jeff Mesnil for driving that!

As usual, if you experience any troubles, or if you have any ideas for Jandex improvements, please file an issue.