Fault Tolerance 6.2.6

Today, we announce the release of SmallRye Fault Tolerance 6.2.6. This is a tiny release with one fix for Maven users that enable strict checksum validation.

SmallRye Fault Tolerance uses Arquillian to run the MicroProfile Fault Tolerance TCK. To do that, it imports the Arquillian BOM for managing dependency versions.

Arquillian 1.7.0 has unfortunately made a mistake in deploying checksums to Maven Central, and since SmallRye Fault Tolerance imports the Arquillian BOM in its root POM, all Maven users that enable strict checksum validation and depend on SmallRye Fault Tolerance directly or transitively will observe checksum validation failures.

In this release, the problem is fixed by no longer importing the Arquillian BOM in the root POM; instead, all the Arquillian dependency versions are managed by the TCK module. The TCK module is not something people can depend on; for a while, we haven’t even been releasing its binary to Maven Central. Therefore, the scope of checksum validation failures is greatly reduced — they can only happen in the SmallRye Fault Tolerance project itself.

A small fix for the circuit breaker state diagram in the documentation is also included.

As usual, if you have any ideas for improvements, please file an issue!