Fault Tolerance 6.2.3

Today, we announce the release of SmallRye Fault Tolerance 6.2.3. This is a tiny release with one bugfix for Kotlin users.

The @Fallback annotation allows specifying 2 kinds of fallbacks: fallback methods and fallback handlers. Fallback method, as defined by MicroProfile Fault Tolerance, must have the same parameters as the guarded method. SmallRye Fault Tolerance has an improvement: the fallback method may declare an additional parameter of an exception type, which must be present at the very end of the parameter list. This doesn’t work correctly for Kotlin suspend functions, because suspend functions always have a Continuation parameter at the end of the parameter list. Therefore, a fallback method with an additional exception parameter, which is also a Kotlin suspend function, isn’t found correctly. This release fixes the bug and suspend functions may be used as fallback methods just fine.

Additionally, with this release, we made a small reordering of sections in the reference guides. The section on interactions with other strategies is now always present right after the description section, so that it’s more visible.

As usual, if you have any ideas for improvements, please file an issue!