Fault Tolerance 6.2.1

Today, we announce the release of SmallRye Fault Tolerance 6.2.1. This is a small release with one tiny feature useful for application server integrators.

SmallRye Fault Tolerance has included support for Micrometer since version 5.5, but integrators had to fiddle with type discovery to get it working. In this release, for integrators that use the CDI Portable Extension present in SmallRye Fault Tolerance, we provide a direct way to select which metrics integration should be used.

The FaultToleranceExtension class now has an additional constructor that takes a MetricsIntegration parameter. The MetricsIntegration is an enum with these values:

  • MICROPROFILE_METRICS: use MicroProfile Metrics integration

  • MICROMETER: use Micrometer integration

  • NOOP: no metrics

Since this is a constructor parameter, it is only useful for integrators that instantiate the Portable Extension themselves. If the integrator relies on the CDI container to discover and instantiate Portable Extensions, this mechanism is useless and they still need to alter the set of discovered types when they want a different metrics integration. We’d like to provide a different mechanism in the future, though it is not clear how that could look like. If you have any ideas, please file an issue!