Fault Tolerance 6.0.0

Today, we announce the release of SmallRye Fault Tolerance 6.0.0.

This release implements MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 4.0 and therefore supports Jakarta EE 9 / MicroProfile 5.0. Implementation-wise, the 6.0.0 release corresponds to SmallRye Fault Tolerance 5.5.0. Additionally, SmallRye Fault Tolerance 6.0.0 requires Java 11 at minimum; it is no longer compatible with Java 8.

For the time being, we will produce releases both in the 5.x and 6.x streams. There will always be a direct correspondence between a 5.x and a 6.x release:

5.x release Corresponding 6.x release









5.5.1 (hypothetically)

6.0.1 (hypothetically)

5.6.0 (hypothetically)

6.1.0 (hypothetically)

5.6.1 (hypothetically)

6.1.1 (hypothetically)

5.7.0 (hypothetically)

6.2.0 (hypothetically)

At some point, we’ll stop producing releases in the 5.x stream. Shortly after that, we’ll upgrade the basic dependencies (Jakarta CDI etc.) to their Jakarta EE 10 versions. Since Jakarta EE 9 is mostly a transition release and runtimes we’re aware of target Jakarta EE 10 anyway, we likely won’t bump a major version for that. In other words, the upgrade to Jakarta EE 10 base will happen in the 6.x stream and will not require a 7.0 release.

As usual, if you have any problems or ideas, including objections to the plan stated above, please file an issue!