Fault Tolerance 5.2.1

Today, we announce the release of SmallRye Fault Tolerance 5.2.1. This is a small release with one bug fix. It is a safe upgrade for everyone using SmallRye Fault Tolerance 5.2.0.

In SmallRye Fault Tolerance 5.0, we introduced support for the @Blocking and @NonBlocking annotations. From SmallRye Fault Tolerance perspective, these annotations make sense for methods that return an async type, such as CompletionStage or Uni. Naturally, we added validation, so that if the annotation was present on a method with some other return type, deployment would fail.

This is actually problematic, because these annotations are generic. They are used by other frameworks and libraries (such as SmallRye Reactive Messaging or RESTEasy Reactive). In such case, SmallRye Fault Tolerance should just ignore them. However, if the annotation was present on a method that also applied some fault tolerance annotation, SmallRye Fault Tolerance would run the validation and fail the deployment.

In this release, the validation is simply removed. SmallRye Fault Tolerance can’t know if the annotation is meant for some other framework or not.

Additionally, we fixed some typos in the documentation.